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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'M DONE!!! Today was my last day of Nursing School. I'm so ecstatic, it seems surreal. I am so overjoyed I can't put it in words.

I seems like just the other day when I created this blog shortly after starting school and today I can say I am officially a Graduate Nurse. I still have to sit the NCLEX-RN exam to be licensed, but I am completely trained and can't wait to start working.

My pinning ceremony is next week, which is a special ceremony - apart from graduation - just to honor us graduate nurses. I'm looking forward to that more than my actual graduation ceremony.

Oh boy, I'm already imagining which hospital I will be working for and what my career will be like.

I just want to say thanks to God, my family, my husband and my child for all the love and support. I am truly blessed and couldn't have made it without them.


Monday, January 15, 2007

New Year, New Blessings

Life is wonderful for me right now. I feel sooooo blessed. A lot of things are going my way. Things are better than ever with me and my boyfriend. We spent the New Year's weekend together down south and it was WONDERFUL!!! I don't know how I managed to get so lucky to meet this wonderful man who loves me so much and that I love just as much. I had given up on this kind of love after my son's dad, but I'm glad I allowed him into my heart. He is my soulmate, I can confidently say that. He is all I need. The distance is the only annoying thing right now, but that will soon be resolved.

Also, I will be graduating this year!! (God's willing). I am so excited! I attended the most recent pinning ceremony back in December and it was just as special as I'd heard. All I kept thinking was that I will be up there one day and will feel just as accomplished and proud as those graduates do right now. I have 2 semesters to go. This semester, the 3rd, is rumoured to be the toughest. I am already trying to stay ahead of the game by reading ahead on the topics that will be covered (Oncology and Psychology). I feel that I will make it if I am determined enough. I just have to stay focused. The only thing that I'm annoyed at is that the next semester is over a month away. I hate these long breaks. I prefer to get it over with. Even though we do need a break, I think the break is way too long.

Anyway, I just thank God for all his blessings on me and my family. My son is now with me and got into the 2nd best middle school in NY. I am so proud of him. They said his test scores were 100% perfect on 2 of the tests and very close to perfect on the 3rd. He is doing well and I am very happy to have him home.


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